Lost in the Steppe

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Ed writes historical and geopolitical thrillers. He draws on a 25+ year career working between far-flung locales and Silicon Valley. He has keynoted conferences in Ethiopia and Uganda, been thrown in jail in Ukraine, and demoed technology for Bill Gates.

Current Work

Interrupted: 1996, a hapless British consultant discovers the get-rich-quick-scheme he is working on is actually the battle to control Kazakstan’s weapons-grade uranium- or is it?


They didn’t really want Stowe Winters on the project at all, and they certainly didn’t want him working out that the Kazak uranium refinery was selling weapons-grade material out of the back door. He didn’t expect that just another job would leave him being of interest to three different state security services. As colleagues wind up dead in botched burglaries, or in his bed, how will Winters navigate the Former Soviet Union? Will his client end up with a brand-new business, or being the victim of a state-sponsored money laundering scheme?

It is the first of a series.

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