No Gentleman’s Game

Ed Simnett

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Ed writes historical and geopolitical thrillers. He draws on a 25+ year career working between far-flung locales and Silicon Valley. He has keynoted conferences in Ethiopia and Uganda, been thrown in jail in Ukraine, and presented technology to the NSA.

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No Gentleman’s Game 1915: A British aviator infiltrates enemy lines hunting for the secret weapon that has overnight turned the tide of the war in Germany’s favour.


Northern France, Summer 1915. As the war on the ground bogs down, air superiority may break the deadlock. The Germans have introduced a new plane, the Fokker Eindecker, that can fire a machine gun through a propeller. That one innovation gives Germany control of the air over the trenches and leaves the British desperate to learn the secret.

An Eindecker has crashed. Lieutenant Vanderwall, a half-Dutch pilot in the British army, volunteers to go over the top to examine the wreck. The attempt fails, and he barely escapes with his life. After recovering in London, Vanderwall continues his hunt for the secret weapon in neutral Holland and on into enemy Germany.

Vanderwall contends with enemies from both sides, in louche night clubs and opium dens, and across deadly electric fences. He soon discovers that none of his potential allies– the over-friendly nurse, the arms dealer, and the engineer– are who they say they are. In Britain Vanderwall has often been mocked for his foreign ancestry– now, betrayed and with the Germans closing in, he has to rely on his family background and local connections to complete his mission on his own.

It is the first of a series.

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